Are We Heading For Another February TOP?

February 20, 2020 – a rather auspicious date for the market (the ASX 200 Index) to pick as it’s final TOP before plunging into the pandemic crash – well, minor correction in hindsight. If I knew about numerology, I’m sure there would be some significance in a date of 20/2/2020, or 2/20/2020 (in US format). It’s looks like another 9/11 kind of date. After this, we saw a pretty fast and steep decent for 4-weeks before finding some support on March 23, 2020.

Another date that seems to synchronise with the above date is 22/2/2022 – February 22, 2022. Sounds crazy I know but I hope to build a case here for turning point around this date. More on this below.

So here we are 2 years later, and I’m looking at a possible cycle end-point around January or February 2022. I outlined a major Saturn cycle culminating in January in my last post which you can read here. Over such a long period, being 1 month out is not such a bad thing.

In this post, I want to refine that forecast a bit and zoom in to the daily chart where we can find a few indicators that might confirm the indications of the longer term cyclic change in trend in the market coming our way in January, or even February 2022, only a few short months away. And as I mentioned in my last post, these are the times when fortunes can be made if you know how to position yourself in the market correctly. So lets take a look and get ready.

First, let’s get our bearings. Where are we now and where have we been. To the charts…

This is the daily bar chart of the SPI200 Continuous contract. Each bar includes the day and the night sessions, so it encompasses all prices.

Of significance…

  • the August 16 TOP – currently the all-time highest point of this market at 7559 – reached by the Sep-21 SPI200 contract.
  • The September 21 BOTTOM of 7070 was made by the Dec-21 SPI200 contract
  • similarly, the more recent December 21 BOTTOM of 7145 was made in the Mar-22 SPI200 contract.

Right off the bat, can you see the similarities, or harmonies of these dates.

  • The TOPS – the green dots – are 90° apart
  • The BOTTOMS – the red dots – are also 90° apart.

Gann Angles

The lines drawn over this chart or Gann’s angles.

  • The green angle line is 1×1
  • The red angle is 2×1
  • The blue angle is 4×1

These are just trend lines that ascend or descend at a constant rate, i.e. 1-point per 1-day – 1×1, or 2-points per day – 2×1, or 4-points per day – 4×1. Simple.

Note how the 1×1 angle from the August 16 TOP has pulled up the market a number of times, including the November 15 TOP. As I write this on December 30, the Mar-22 SPI200 contract has exceeded this 1×1 line with a current high of 7445, which is a possible selling point against the OLD TOP of 7447 on December 8.

Where these angles cross you will often find significant turning points, either TOP or BOTTOM. Note the 2×1 angles crossing on January 3 (marked). This also aligns with the recent harmony of the dates as mentioned above. So January 3 will be 32° (close enough to 30° when weekends are factored in) from December 2. I’ll then be watching 30° from December 8, or January 7. However, the next Time x Degrees date of February 7 and February 16 are more significant I think.

Here’s the same chart with a few more lines added 

I know, this chart is getting very busy now. There is alot to take in.

Firstly, note the blue angle down from the recent TOP of December 8 – it crosses the 2×1 lines as shown previously right on January 3.

The ducks are lining up in a row now. 

February 4, 2022

Another 30° on from the January 3 indications mentioned above, brings us closer to the 2-year anniversary of the February 2020 TOP.

Taking note of the ASTRO positions for this date (shown on the right).

Of note are the Heliocentric positions of Mercury and Venus.

  • Mercury has moved 90° from it’s position January 18 – the forecast date in my last post – to be right on 180° (ingress). This may or may not prove to be anything, but I’m now finding some further alignments which add to my conviction.
  • Venus is now at 150° (ingress)

On the GEO chart, there is a lot happening on Feb 4

  • 4 conjunctions – most significant in my opinion is Sun/Saturn, which is also squared with Uranus (the red line).
  • a part hexagon pattern with a conjunction at one corner – Mars/Venus – which is Trine (120°) with Uranaus. Actually, the day before, January 3 has the Moon conjunct with Jupiter, in the centre of the Hexagon. On Jan 4 it’s now conjunct with Neptune.
  • We also have the classic Gann emblem pattern of a Trine and a Square, both with conjunctions which adds more significance in my experience.

Note also on the bar chart above – Feb 4 is

  • 150° from September 7 TOP
  • 60° from December 8 TOP

Feb 4 is a Friday – the 1×1 angle up from September 21 crosses the 2×1 angle down from August 16 on Feb 7 – the Monday. This is shown on the chart – green circle with the vertical red dotted line (the second one).


Feb 12- 16, 2022

This brings us 180° from the (current) extreme TOP of August 16, 2021, and once again very close to the 2 year anniversary of the 2020 China Virus TOP.

  • 180° from August 16 is actually February 12.
  • 90° from November 15 is also February 12.
  • We have the 1×1 angle from Sep 21 crossing the 2×1 from Sep 7 on February 16 (Wednesday). This also aligns nicely with the 31-year cycle analysis from my last blog post (mentioned previously), which showed the significance of the Astrology on January 18.

It’s also interesting to note the Astro chart on this date – January 18. In my last post, I only showed the comparison to the 1991 LOW using the Heliocentric chart. The Geocentric also gives us a very strong signal – shown on the right.

The Australian Share Price Index futures contract was born (first listed) on February 16, 1983. So, this is a very important date in this market. It’s birthday!

Grand Trine

3 planets (in this case one of them is the Moon), with a conjunction in one corner – Mars/Venus.

Also of note is the balanced aspects (i.e. planets balanced or equidistant apart) of Jupiter, Sun and Saturn. All are exactly 12° apart. Or you could say, the Sun is exactly half-way between Jupiter and Saturn, and also right on (within 1°) of the 330° line


Apart from there being alot of Chinese weddings to be held on this auspicious date, no doubt, there seem to be many indications that we could see a major turning point in our markets. Here are some more of my findings.

The anniversary of 20/2/20

The birthdate of the SPI contract – 16/2/83

Geocentric Astro - 22/2/22 - Perfectly balanced aspects - 6 planets.

When comparing 2022 to the TOP in 2020, there are some more interesting planetary similarities. Notably, the pattern itself, and it’s not that clear on this chart – but on Feb 19/20, 2022 – there are two part hexagon formations. This is not as important on the Heliocentric chart as it is on the Geocentric, but the pattern looks similar to a star of david or some other sacred geometric shape. 

That aside, the planet Mercury will be in the same degree as Mars was on Feb 20 2020, and will also be in Trine (120°) of the old position of Neptune on 22/2/22. Yes, when doing this analysis I’ve found that noting the positions of planets, and their aspects – that is, other planets that align – and even the various important degrees of the circle – i.e. the Gann emblem of 120°, 180°, and so forth, when planets move into these positions in the future, it triggers something, even when the original planet has moved on.

I also found that Saturn had traversed exactly 144° from it’s position on October 12, 2007 which was a major TOP at the time – the top of the market before the Global Financial Crisis – approximately 12.5 years, or the solar orbit of Jupiter. Going further back another 144° also yields further major time periods, but this is not relevent right now. Pretty amazing though!

With all this taken into consideration, February looks to be an interesting month for a major change in trend. As we get closer to these important dates, I’ll post updates on where we could potentially enter a trade to profit from all this work. And that is really what all this trading business is about isn’t it. Numbers, charts, lines, measurements – it all has to lead to us getting paid and filling up our bank accounts. 

Until next time.

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